When I Came Home

August 27th (I think):

So what was different when I came home? A lot, actually:

~My room was clean (that's a first....plus I kind of left it in a mess...paint stuff was still out...)

~My fish tanks are very dirty, and contain several more baby fish and a sick fish (not in the same tank thank goodness)...they are also a lot bigger. And I figured out how dirty the tanks really were when I started to clean them...ick. And my plants aren't doing so well...

~Watching TV held a lot less entertainment for me...turns out you don't even need one!  :o

~My dog was SO excited to see me--I actually have never EVER seen him that excited in my whole LIFE.

It's strange...I smiled a goofy grin when I saw the exit sign for my town, and again when I saw (and stopped at) the stop sign in my neighborhood. But I also kinda want to go back. A first I was worried that I wouldn't want to go back, and coming home would be like waking up from a bad dream...but it's a strange mix of familiar and foreign, like it was in the summer (before I left) while everyone was still in school...I kinda want to go back. Not right now maybe, but even though its really hard, I kind of do...I don't know why.

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