Feild Trip!

            So my elaborate, indulgent plans of going to the library to get stuff done on Friday (along with sleeping in) kinda got pushed back...instead I ended up going on a field trip with my plant science class to the Botanical Garden in Owensboro. I got a meal and 10 bonus points :) I was exposed to many new plants, and a lot of sun. We were weeding half the time. Anyway, it was a good way to spend my Friday I guess,  I'm just deadbeat and  stiff after standing, kneeling and sitting in the car for two hours one way. 
 We did get to talk to an artist, though. He's the guy who made the spider in the picture.
Go to the artist's website and check out his work! He was really cool to talk to, and really likes what her does. His creations are art, and they look great in gardens!

  This plant above is made into porridge in Kenya............................This is eucalyptus, what Kolas eat.
                  Grape Fruit                                                                     Roses

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