My Friend Kendra

Wow, there's a lot I could talk about in this post....but I'll start off with the fact that my friend Kendra is one of the few people in my life that I have met that is a kindred spirit. She's actually the reason I started this blog. All I really wanted to do was be able to comment on her blog, and the only way I found out how to do that is by making a blog. So here I am, typing away. Not only do I want everyone to know that Kendra is an awesome friend, I'm so thankful for her and I miss her SO much, I just wanted to connect everyone to her blog so you can hear about her exciting journey. God really has been apart of...well, us being apart. I miss her, but knowing that she's where she's supposed to be eases the feeling of distance. I'm just SO proud that she's going wherever God tells her to go! This love she has for Him is the most beautiful part of her.

Check out her journey in Abeche, Chad in Africa:


(*Rumor has it she's coming back in December....;)* )

The reason there are no pictures of me and Kendra together on here is because not only are there not a lot in existence for some reason (why? I dunno.) but because we are usually doing something stupid and the pictures aren't that flattering. In fact, they're slightly scary....she'll tell you that that's the truth.... :)


  1. I took the second picture! And you're lucky! You get to actually see her in December!

  2. Awesome pic! And I'm sure she wil be down there eventually :)