Persistence and Honesty

On this blog, I want to be able to be honest with you. I don't want to have to post another post after my last one about how "happy I am now" or "life is all unicorns and rainbows". The truth is sometimes life is hard. My life right now is hard, but not impossible.

The other day in Human Relations we did an activity where we got into groups and wrote some words on paper plates. The words where supposed to represent things we wanted to work on by this coming December. Words and sayings like "exercise more", "have more confidence", "complain less","be less hard on myself", "be more trusting" and "poise" and many others were all lined up in rows. Our teacher told us to go around and pick three plates that we wanted to commit to working on. I ended up picking persistence, honesty, and one of my own--be continuously joyful. Now the plates are taped above my bed so I can see them all the time. I picked them because I need to be able to be honest with my friends, persistence when I study and continuously joyful the way God intended.

"I have said these things so that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be complete."
Mark 15:11

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