The Master Gardener

So the other I came outside to finally prune my Bonsai tree. Since Bonsai trees are for ornamental beauty, owners usually prune them then wrap them with wire to control the growth of the tree.

I was sitting there cutting some branches and leaves (petioles and petiolules if you want to get particular) and it was proving to be a bit more tedious than I thought. The leaves where wild and sharp, going everywhere. I was cutting the dead parts off, and trimming the parts that wouldn’t get as much sunlight. As I was pruning, I realized how intentional I was being. I was shaping it. I cut off the ugly parts, the dead parts, and the sections that just weren’t going to grow.

 I know we’ve heard this analogy before, but God as the master gardener is the one who prunes us. He cuts off what we don’t need, and allows the parts we do to get more sunlight. But the thing is, He’s so intentional about it all, because God's all about molding us into who He wants us to be. The strong and gentle hands He trims us with hold us so carefully, delicately. If dropped, we shatter. Aren’t we that fragile? Without our rock or our vine, who are we? Sure sometimes it hurts. It hurts a lot. We can’t even see the finished results until we step back and look at the bigger picture.
Here's a video that articulates what I'm trying to say in a very powerful way...be prepared to apply it to your own life. 
...I'm not sure I like the results, I might should have gone against the grain and left it alone. But no fear, it'll grow back.

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