Week at a Glance

9/3 Tuesday
Went to180 Worship w/ BCM

I am so thankful for the BCM and other organizations like it! Worshiping with other believers away from home is so awesome. Worshiping with teens is a lot different too-they are real, raw, passionate and uncensored. The worship and message we heard that night remind me that even when I go back to my dorm room, God doesn't leave.

9/4 Wednesday
You know whenever I'm feeling down, or sad or confused I realized That i feel that way because I'm focused on ME. And only me. How come we keep pushing the Creator away? I mean, what a beautiful day!

Also 9/4
Coming back from the assembly, I do my best to study for my math test, but then realize I'm done studying and go talk to some of the girls in the hall.

(This, I am afraid, will be my ultimate downfall and one of the greater temptations in my life. Not drinking, parting, or drugs, but putting your stuff to the side and going to talk some girl talk.)

So a few of us go and hang out in their room and just talk for an hour and a half. Being a girl, I like just sitting and talking. A LOT. We all do. For some reason (if you wanna get technical, it's proven chemically) bonds form when we talk. That's why that's all we do at sleepovers. But it was SO refreshing and satisfying just to do that, because you just need it sometimes, especially when you are having a bad day.

Dependence on my Best Friend looks like peace out of adversity, strength to go on even when you have no strength left...what does yours look like?

I can't wait for Friday! I don't have any classes then, and am planning to sleep in and go up to the library and just get stuff done!

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  1. Hmm...

    Putting off the dishes...

    Eating a cupcake no matter how full i am or what time it is...

    Saying... I am going to exercise today...and then it never happens...

    Lol. :-) there are probably more i cant think of