The Irony

So last night we went to a freshman assembly (it was mandatory). There was a guest speaker giving a presentation on the importance of sleep. I could tell he was really good, but because of the sound and echo in the arena, I could hardly hear what he was saying. You'd think they'd realize that and do something to fix it, because it's the same deal every time we have an assembly. Later that night, we go back to the dorm and go to sleep. Around 5:45 I hear this sound in the hallway that was really obnoxious...I get up because I'm pretty sure I know what it is...and I was right. A fire drill. So I make sure my roommate was up, grab my keys and a blanket and join the other irritated girls in the hallway. Grumpily we walk outside with the other two dorms next to us and sit and wait. Fifteen minutes later we trekked back up to the fourth floor and try to go back to sleep (does that happen? No, not really).

They had just given us a presentation on the importance of sleep, then they make us get up in the early morning hours for a drill. I know its for our safety or whatever, but really, that night? I had a math test the next morning.

I'm sure in a few years this will be funny, but right now I am tired and had to make sure I  definitely downed some caffeine this morning. I can even tell how I'm writing this is different. No amusement.

My math test went okay though--it was allllll God. :)

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