The Next Step

The Next Step:
How He's Call Me To More

Sometimes there are moments in the day that just take my breath away
Something hits close to my heart and I suddenly can't breath

It's a song, a picture, a person
I have to stop and remind myself that I'm okay
The things I'm reminded of I miss
But I know the true things will never leave me
The reason it hurts my heart so
is because I'm very thankful

You see, lately God has been working in my life to grow me, which He has. However, He's not done. Its not enough that I pray more, or read the Bible more, or anything. He wants me to take the next step. Closer to Him.  He's bringing me back, pulling me forward. For example, I recently adopted the rule "No Bible, no breakfast". But that's not enough. He wants me to sit down, breath, and focus on Him. Every. Single. Morning.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that yes, it does include continuing to be honest with my readers, and posting stuff like this. A year ago, I would have never even dream about letting everyone read all this stuff. Now I realized though, that this blog is not about me, but it's a tool I use to glorify God. So that means watch out! Some pretty epic stuff comes into play when God's around. :)

Overall, He wants me to live a life that to others seems radical, when in truth it's only the beginning.

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