February 24th

My pace has changed.

Maybe it's just for today. I might [actually, will] be thrown into a crazy schedule tomorrow, but for today I will keep this peace I have.

I'm not sure what it is, but I woke up with this something that I can't describe. I feel so slow and so relaxed...it's crazy. Almost like I have a less aware sense of time right now.

The thing is, the day hasn't gone any slower--I have.

As long as it is taking me to figure out the words for this post, I realize that I must integrate this into my lifestyle. I look around me today and people are so hurry hurry hurry......even if they don't know it. Do you ever just sit at your chair for a minute after class? After a meal? I see so many people just get up and go and leave....

I don't want to be that person who is so distracted by time that I don't have time for the important things in life--people. And sometimes it takes a slow pace and many conversations to help you know this...and sometimes you just wake up and go about your normal routine without stopping to think, maybe my day shouldn't be normal...work smarter not harder, read, live, love pray....

February 27th
It has been a long time since I have had a day as jam-packed as today. Lots of stuff, back to back to back to back. It's all really neat things (except maybe my math class, math test and world civ class....) its just hard when you are missing an hour of sleep and are supposed to be working on ten other things right now instead of typing this post. This is such a stark contrast to Monday, as the paragraphs above re-account. Days like these are challenges--to lean on the Lord, ask Him for His strength, because I know today I have run out of mine. It's also about priorities, as I keep reiterating--make that quiet time a necessity (it is...or should be...)--and challenge yourself to make sure your priorities can interrupt your life.
I feel like you can be busy, but it's become detrimental when your soul is hurried. I had a hard time stopping today, even if I did have a short break. You need your heart to be quiet so that you can receive and listen and hear and learn and teach and give, love, and give love....when it's not--you're stuck. This business is showing me that I must slow down intentionally, even if it sometimes feels like when a super hero is stopping a train just by pushing up against the front of it only you're doing the same thing except you don't have super strength.....
The trick I'm learning is to maintain a heart and soul that is focused completely on God so that I can stay in this non-hurried state in the midst of and in spite of the craziness that threatens to drown me, because as soon as I take my eyes off of Him, I sink.

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