Certain things are just clearly answers to prayers.

I was praying for something that would help to grow and fill me spiritually in the certain way in which I was feeling I needed. Really needed.

And you know what came along?

A dgroup.

I now have a discipleship group--girls my age who grow closer to God together.

It was an answer to one of my prayers that came on God's beautiful timing that is so far better than my own!

I really admire the seriousness they have about their faith and the bright smiles on their faces. They reminded me of the daily commitment that my faith--my Lord--demands of me.

Now, I've only technically meet with them for Bible study/group once, but it really doesn't take that long to understand a clear answer to prayer.

And you know, I had to wait for this group for a whole semester because of scheduling issues, but I also believe that it was God's timing--sometimes good things at the wrong time can turn out bad.

With this group of precious girls, although I had to do some waiting, I'm now ready for this level of intimacy with people and the Lord. In fact, I crave it. A few months ago, this would have come at a disjointed time.

A lot of things come at God's perfect timing, more than we probably think.

It just takes keeping an open eye and an open and seeking heart.

*And yes, I do love taking pictures of everything. You have no idea how much self control it takes not to post every good one of the many that I take.


  1. God really does have perfect timing. For some reason it's always way better than mine. and btw, I wanna learn how to do latte art like that!

  2. Yes, yes he does. And the latte art is AWESOME! :)