Welcome Back


So here are some pictures of my first week back, along with some of my own commentary.

This is the LAMEST version of off-brand cereal names I've ever seen. It makes me mad.


It's on a door........?

Just think about it.....

Worst thing to buy ever: giant tub of Miracle Whip

Leaky cups....
I hate these things in stores....they kinda want to make me puke

BEST Poptarts EVER!

A dollar less than the great value brand, 5 more square feet and 100% recycled fiber. YES! :D





  1. STRAWBERRY AWAKE! haha great value has some working to do but at least they're cheaper. Posts like this make me smile. :)

  2. I like posts like these too, but Strawberry Awake is the one thing that just gets on my nerves--a lot for some reason.