Overflowing Art

I just realized the other day that I am about to embark on a very different next few months.
I can feel it underneath everything...it's silent, it's quiet and growing.
Something BIG is coming up and I have no idea what it is.

Other than my sixth-sense picking up something, I've noticed something else too. You know all the posts I do about letting go, surrendering and how much I epically fail at it? Well, I'm starting to believe I am at another point--the next step in my journey. I feel like God is more able to work through me more (the issue being me, not Him) instead of inspite of me, like how I normally feel.
And the thing is, it's more like He's overflowing from me, I feel it in the present and the future--His presence in me I am no longer able to hide! It's pouring, and the art of who He made me to be in Him just is incredible! With this new growth also comes growing pains and more issues to work though, which means a lot more prayer.

He left His perfection and fought for our redemption--how marvelous is His love!


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