These past few months have been about learning what my priorities really are and should be.
These past few days have been about learning that my priorities don't have anything to do with my circumstances.
At all.
My priorities should be called priorities for a reason.

Simply stated your priorities have the right to interrupt your life.
Also, a step further, the more bold and outstanding and intrinsic your priorities are, the more they have the right to interrupt our lives. Why else are they called "priorities"?

When was the last time a certain so-called "priority" of yours interrupted your life?

Ask yourself the question too, does God have permission to interrupt your life?

 You all do know that this means your priorities (sometimes more often than not) will interrupt your work, right? Your school work (and I repeat--your school work), your paper work, your farm work. They will interrupt your family time, dinner table conversations, your Candy Crush game, the new episode of The Walking Dead, your to-do list, those errands you were going to go on....

Overall, having Christ as your number one priority in life will interrupt your comfort. A lot.

(Note to reader: My life is basically the definition of that last statement. You should ask me about it sometime.)

But there's no turning back.


Then God shows me more. He takes it one step FURTHER even though I could not have been at that point without His grace and guidance anyway. But God always does that, doesn't He? There's always one more step, one more opportunity to grow closer to Him, to step away from ourselves....

What I'm learning though is that:

Intentionality means taking initiative to act on your priorities.

And the truth is, I fail at this intentionality. This next step, this action. As much as I try...

The thing is though, it's not about me. At all. My Lord is my God and when He is first in my life, Ruler of my Heart, there is love and there is life and an overwhelming, fulfilling joy. All of this is what spurs he action. Taking care of people the way Jesus loves us and sharing with them the love that we have and are learning to abide in....it's kind of amazing.



  1. Weird but encouraging how we always go through and learn the same things at the same time.

  2. Yeah, I agree....I like it. It reminds me that I'm not crazy :)