The Roommate


This is something that I know many of you all may have been following, but are having a hard time keeping up with. Trust me, I am having a hard time too. Anyway, this post is basically about a situation and a person who is an answer my prayers. Many prayers, actually, and many of your all's.

Long story short, I had three roommates last semester and just got a new one two weeks ago (that makes four). The first week I got back this semester, I was by myself in my room (which is actually more depressing than you would think). In looking for a new roommate. However, I got into several sticky situations that wore me out while in the whole process. I was trying to discern God's will, but failed to remember that I needed to take some initiative too. I have learned so many lessons from the overall ordeal, and it's really helped shape my faith and weed out the parts that were like dead branches--not producing anything.

So, during this time of stress I end up going and talking to this girl from my floor, Hailey, about rooming together. We start talking about roommate stuff and I discover that Hailey is the most chill person I now know.

Only a few minutes into the conversation, we figured out that our morning schedules are the exact same and we both like going to bed around eleven. It was then that I KNEW God had had Hailey picked out for me for this semester--the our whole conversation pointed to divine intervention. I could feel it and it felt right. So I acted.

Now that we have been roommates for the past few weeks, I've also been reminded of something else--don't ever put limits on God because He will just blow you away. All I wanted in a roommate with the many experiences that I've had is someone who will respect my sleep. But God being God, He goes so much further when He pours out His blessings. I LOVE rooming with Hailey--she's funny, talkative, gracious and lets me use her coffee maker. What else can I ask for? Because of her, I not only am able to be in a safe environment, get plenty of sleep and I get to live in God's abundant blessing Every. Single. Day. And I mean, what a daily reminder? I love how God surprises me and completely obliterates the box I put Him in. He is so good and I know He heard and answered all the prayers that were said. Thank you all for your support. I can't wait to see what He's going to do next.

p.s. I drew me and Hailey with sharpies on oranges and stuck them in her fridge...they're still there :)


  1. You don't know how glad I am that the roommate situation worked out! (though I guess prob not as glad as you) I know it's such a relief for you and that you're really thankful for Hailey.