Did You All Know That It's March?

I just found out the other day that it was March. I coulda sworn it was still February.

Anyway, I don't know about you but I had a great weekend. I'm learning to relax and be able to just be where I am, when I am.

What this weekend also did for me was teach me that it's okay to go home. I feel like too many people are either going home all the time or never go home at all. The thing is, the imbalance of this is one of the myths about college I believed--if you are an independent person you don't go home. Being a very independent person, of course I bought into this!

This weekend really made me realize how blessed I am (of course, I already know that I am the most blessed person in the whole entire world), how much I have at home and that being blessed is a blessing, and having what I have is okay. And it's okay to want to be home sometimes, while still wanting to be here. It's okay to love being home sometimes. It's even okay to do your homework Friday night when you're home. It's okay to really miss things and people, and to let yourself miss them.

As much as people are striving towards progress and their goals, I think we forget that changing is not an overnight thing....it takes time, and time is uncertain and progress is slow.

So now I say to myself, "Oh come on, indulge yourself a little. Go home."



  1. February sure went by fast, didn't it? We all need a break, so just go home! Or you could come to my house. xD

  2. I did go home, then wanted to go over to your house but had to leave bc of the weather...but I did go home :)