Things I've Recently Learned

This post would be titled Things I Have Learned This May, modeling a monthly post series after one of my favorite authors/bloggers, but it would be published under the month of June, and that would drive me nuts. And by the time I got around to posting this, it's July. But whatever. Anyway, here are some thing's I have recently learned:

1. It takes me approximately five days to devour [not too fast] a whole pan of brownies.

2. I am bad at reading finals schedules (I swear they switched it on me). Long story. Good ending :) And, the harder you study for finals the more likely your grades will be better. Who knew?

3. How to pack--international style. Hint: pack light....(aka just don't bring anything)...


4. My parents now have to learn to parent a young adult, not a kid.

5. Mapleline is NOT vanilla. I grabbed the wrong one (mapiline) then wondered why my pancakes turned out brown. Then, the next time I made pancakes I mixed up table spoons with tea spoons, so there was so much of everything...but I got the vanilla right :)

6. My dog likes banana popsicles.

7. God sometimes calls us away from our families. This is true in many different stages of  life, but sometimes it's just as simple as that.

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