The Post on Humility

After being taught this lesson, I understand humility so. much. more.

There is a peace, a freedom after you learn to inhabit this, embrace this. All of the pressure and responsibility we put on ourselves simply for the sake of control--gone. you're freed from that.

Anyway, humility is one of those things we usually have to learn by being in a humbling situation. That for me was Honduras. Thinking that [just because] I had grown a lot [enough] spiritually, that I was ready for this. Well--God showed me otherwise. Pretty quickly too.

Sometimes it takes feeling overwhelmed (a feeling similar to drowning) to realize how little you are.

So when you step down,

                                         when you step back

                                                                              it becomes more like falling in love than anything else.

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  1. C.S. Lewis once said that humility isn't thinking less of yourself, just thinking of yourself less. I have a lot to work on.