The Bigger Picture--My Top Three Take Aways From Honduras

1. God Loves Me and God Loves the WHOLE WORLD!!!

Now that I've experienced another culture, I completely understand (to the best of my current ability) WHY God loves His created-diverse-on-purpose people. I also realized how His love is so much MORE and all-world covering than previously thought.


2. It Takes a Storm to Create a New Norm

True down-to-earth growth only happens when something uproots you. It is during times like these that you have the rare opportunity to see what your faith consist of and what state its in. I now know that trust is a lot bigger than what I once believed. It is also a lot more comforting than scary, simply because we have something that big to believe in.


3. I Want To Go Somewhere Else For A Long Time

More than just a week. I don't know where, or how long "long" is, but I'm going out into the world now, apart of God's plan to change it.


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