The Truth About Trust

Okay, so we all know that everyone has lies and myths and half-truths that they've been told. This is simply a fact of life.

However, I'm about to tell you the real part about trust that I've learned, as it's a big take-away from my journey in Honduras.

What if I told you trusting God was easy?

Do I dare say that?
Do I dare mention the "e" word?

But what if it is?

What if you understood how small you are and caught a glimpse of how BIG our God is?
I can't say I completely get this, or act like I do, but in Honduras, I was humbled. I began to see how moving a mountain range to God is as easy as breathing.

This isn't something that you learn on a mission trip and just leave it at that. This truth is one that affects your whole life--because you are beginning to understand just who you are and what faith in the Creator of the universe actually is.

I'm not saying that trusting God with anything or everything is always going to be easy, but it all starts with understanding something we cannot fail to miss: the all-encompassing, omnipresent Lord who is our first love and the one who came to save us from ourselves.


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