Everything In-between

I can't even describe these past few days. They've been fast, slow and everything in-between. They've been emotionally draining as well as spirit-energizing, all the while starting to shape this next year that I'm going into. It's a relief, really, to have so much to do and dive into the random business of it all.

These past few days have also been testing. So testing of my faith. I have been forced to shut doors that seem like good things, and take chances in opening others. I am now remembering what it is to be living with a bunch of people, which I love, and how sometimes that means pausing your life for them and allowing interruptions, to an extent.

It's been praying for people in the kitchen, inviting someone to donuts, having deep conversations in enos, eating meals on the floor, picking up right where you left off but still continuing to make new friends, the sharing of a story and a slushy, late night conversations about direction and families, spending a longer time together than you thought and a shorter time together than you would like to have.....it's these things that break my heart with the beauty of people and just how much God has blessed me. All of these moments and conversations are far from perfect, but they are the one way that I know I can worship God. Speech poured out in love is just a slight reflection of His love, and such a gift when given to others.

I am so tired from doing all of this and more, but my heart rejoices in the fact that I've gotten to resume walking with these people and can continue to learn to love them like He does.

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