No Longer, No More

I'm sitting here at Harvest, the local café on main street. It's a rainy day, meaning it's quiet and calm inside. And my feet are really cold. As I sit typing, I am watching people through the windows walk past the door, hesitate, then come in.
This reminds me of what I have been doing--hesitating, then taking a step closer.
This summer has been one that has revealed this hesitation to truly follow and an obsessive, selfish focus that I have on me and what I do. God has taken these misconceptions and broken me with his everlasting love. The result?
Someone who now understands more of what it really looks like to live consumed by your faith.
Like, when it is more than something you just feel. When you are able to act on it not based on what you want to do, or what you feel.
 Being able to be more able to live like this, I know that I can't even go back to the way I was living or who I was
the more you get to know God, the less you hesitate.  
(P.S. I am also watching cars just sitting in the middle of the road, trying to decide where to go, and people pushing pull doors.....)

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  1. :) Don't hesitate. Well maybe you should, sometimes. When it comes to lazy rivers and tubes.