Something Bigger--But Not Yet

It's funny when you begin to see your list of "lasts", you also begin to see the bigger picture. That these things that you once though were big, are actually little steps to something bigger.

It's the last day of my internship at CCC and I am sitting here waiting for paint to dry. It makes me think--if this is now, what's next? If this is while I'm here, where next?

So many things of this summer have been little passing moments, things packed into weeks. Sure I've learned a lot from all of this--more than anything. I've learned things that are necessary for the next step. Things like trusting God. Anymore, I can't see how you can't go on without having learned that lesson.

I'm excited that I get to have the challenge of keeping all of this as a part of me when school comes crashing back. If I were to ever leave these lessons behind (yes, there will be a blog post on those lessons soon), I realized that I would be leaving part of the "new me" behind. I never knew how much it was a struggle to keep yourself, yourself in this world. Bring it on.

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