Don't Let Yourself Be the Same

One of the many things that this "teachable summer", as I call it, has taught me is that you cannot afford to (and should not ever) let yourself be the same.

It just can't happen.

And being back "home" this summer, I've realized that there are many voices that are trying to tell me otherwise. They want me to be the same.

But guess what?

I don't want to.

So I won't be.

Knowing who I am now (and who I'm becoming), how could you want me to be the same? How could I want that?  I'm a completely a different person. A more aware person, no longer someone who feels obliged to fill in the cookie-cutter way of living. Not anymore.

So, from now on I vow to be true to myself, and to try to not be swayed by others or those voices. For it is the Lord who made me the way that I am--where else is the allowance to be anyone or anything else?

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