My Weekend

Have you ever had a weekend where you just disappear for awhile? Where you just go away?

That's what I did. After two of my jobs ended, I had to physically get away from all the stress that threated to follow me. I was beginning to get overwhelmed. I hate that feeling, because it feels like you're drowning and can never see things right, see things as they are. But my Lord, as faithful as He always is, came to my rescue and granted me a weekend of positive rest, one where I could just lay my head back and sleep, and just as importantly, breath. It is times like these when my heart aches for more of my Savior and my heart rejoices in how much He covers me.

All these people I got to see, meet and reconnect with just blow me away. Knowing their hearts and being able to see that in them makes me realize how beautiful God is at making things, at making us in all our shapes and sizes and sayings and laughs. So from this weekend, I have learned that God puts thought into things that we probably don't know, don't think about and don't understand. All for HIs glory, and for us.




  1. :) Glad you got to get away. even though I did miss you.