About That Time Again...

My second year of school is getting closer, and as much as I miss my friends and the routine and the self discipline of doing work, my heart is breaks to leave Shelbyville. Like, I'm seriously going to cry when I leave. I've just now gotten to know people and simply be known....who doesn't love to be known places? I've just begun to make connections in the community and really begin to feel the vision of my church.
But now I have to leave.
Don't get me wrong, I'm SO super excited and know I am called to do things there that only I can do. It's just that I've actually been here long enough to make a new normal.
Every day for the past few days I've paused at certain times and simply taken stock of my conflicted feelings. It's really confusing and really depressing sometimes. The good, bad and ugly all come with it, it just looks different there than it does here. But hey, that's just what it is.
Going back to school is simply my Next Step.
I just hope I don't take it with a heavy heart.

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  1. Don't do it with a heavy heart. GO! I'll miss ya, but it's not over.