Winter Break 2015

This winter break has not been good to me but has been good for me, if that makes any sense. It's been a time where I have rested my bruised body, heart and soul from the fall semester. You never realize that you're traveling at break-neck speed with little regard for yourself until you stop. Then it becomes painstakingly obvious, doesn't it?

Break after all of this...learning how to take some bad news, how to work and go to school and how to do things the wrong way...gave me a chance to practice how to rest and recover. Who woulda thought I'd realize that this is something that must be practiced...something sacred made sacred...
This is not just whatever flat version of "rest" that comes to the front of your mind, but the kind that involves giving yourself permission to not work till you drop, or to do those things that you really really love and want to do. It's this whole concept of giving yourself "breathing room".

I feel like rest is one of those subjects that is repeated a lot, but apparently it's repeated because nobody does it well. Do you?

Anyway, I can learn all I can about rest and such but if I can't learn how to survive this next semester better then it's all for nothing. Therefore, this semester I am going to make sure that I give myself some room to breathe, stretch my soul, delight in remembering home and look for beauty a little harder.

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