A Fight for His Voice

When you come to a crossroads such as where I am at, life just gets a little more real. Sometimes the voices that tell you things (they come from everywhere and anywhere) get a little louder at this point. Especially when you're practically grown up and on your own, even if it doesn't seem like it and everyone tells you you aren't.

When this happens, there becomes a fight for His voice. Sometimes you can't hear it, you can't feel it and people even tell you that it's not there or it doesn't matter. It feels gone.

So a fight ensues. It may not feel like a fight, it may just feel like you got beat up instead, but it's a fight none the less. A fight for His truth, for His rule in your life. For Him to have your hearts full attention. This is a fight that's different for every person and not everyone, if anyone, always understands. Some days when the battle manifests itself with the issue of discernment, it feels like it just drags on and on...I don't know about you, but Spiritual ambiguity is not my favorite things. Yet, that's what we find ourselves in the middle of the most often, isn't it? 

I think in these cases, when we don't know what is white or what is black, I think our reaction is one of the most important things. Are you gonna run? Are you gonna hide? Are you gonna listen to all the other voices? "Where is your heart?" this asks.

....so when these times inevitably come, where is it?

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