Reclaiming Your Tuesdays

Every Tuesday I run into our trash can. It never fails, no matter what I do or how many times I look behind me, I just don't see it.
This is one of the consistent happenings in my life.
On Tuesdays.

This is the day that one of my favorite authors (EmilyPFreeman'sBlog) says is one of the forgotten days that just gets lost in the week, book-ended by the dreaded Monday and half-way Wednesday.

As I think about what my Tuesdays look like when school starts back up, it looks pretty nonstop. Those nonstop days are good because I don't have to think as much, just do things, but they will be exhausting for sure. It's then when I will be challenged to practice having a good attitude, to be joyful, to not have a rushed soul and to release the stress of having to do things back to back to back.

When we give the Spirit more access to us, when we let Him take over our Tuesdays, I think we would be surprised at what happens. Tuesdays no longer have to be the way they are, the stuck in the middle day, I believe they have the potential to be really great.

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  1. You took an artistic photo of a trashcan and I like it.