Rewind: Back to Camp--Again

So guys, I guess I should probably inform you when I get to do something really cool. This, this was really cool.

About this time last year I started blogging. It all started when I actually took ahold of the suggestion that I should blog about my transition to college. Now look at where I am! How is the fact that I am where I am today even be POSSIBLE? I can't believe it some days--it just blows me away. Anyway, the BCM has a welcome retreat and last year, I sat in a cave on a chilly fall night and listened to people tell their testimonies and worship together. This year around, I was the one telling my story in the cave, telling the story of hurt and healing and brokenness and what it is to actually experience grace. It's so cool to have God speak through you. I love being able to have that happen, especially to encourage others.

Here's a link to this experience time last year...I debated whether or not to post the link, because it was so long ago...I'm not sure I like who I was back then. It's kinda embarrassing, but not all bad. So I just wrote a disclaimer.....I'm so glad I'm not the same person, but this blog post marks the start of me becoming more attentive to Christ furious pursuit of my heart. (Here's the link: Back to Camp @Sep2013).



He has called me higher, He has called me deeper, and I'll go where He leads me, where He leads me.

All Sons and Daughters


  1. You weren't embarrassing a year ago, haha. You've still changed a lot though, for the better. :) and now you have to blog all you and Johnathan's adventures.

  2. I will! And I certainly have! Praise the Lord!