The Leadership of the Lord

Ever feel like you're going about something the wrong way? That was me a few days ago (and the currently part is still debatable). The Lord, in the way that He does, revealed to me who He needed to be in that part of my life. He told me something that I had never

The answer was Leader.

This was similar to some advice I received from a friend the other day. "Pray for the Lord's leadership" sounded kinda funny to me then. But now, it makes sense. If God is not even an option to us, if He's the only thing that matters in our life, then OF COURSE He should be the full out leader, not me doing things and He merely guiding, not just included in my decisions--He should be the ones making them! He should be the One where everything else stems from. I can't do this leading thing on my own.

And I don't want to anymore. I like not having to do that all the time, or at least feeling like I have to. I want to relax and know what it is to be known, and to be lead.

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