In the Trees


One of the things that I find the most freeing is not caring about what others think. Now, this is tested when you know that other people who are passing are watching you struggle to climb up a tree. I'm just about five inches too short to reach the first branch. So I went and got my roommate's stool. No shame, right?

You may say, "Rachel, I don't know where you are going with this other than the fact that you should  be yourself no matter who is watching." Well, let me pass on some advice that is just some good, solid advice.

Do something that brings you closer to God.

Notice the word "do"?

Action. Movement. Change. To bring about a desired result.

Something that fosters your love for your Savior, your heart for Him.

If that's climbing a tree and having your quiet time there, then so be it. If it's cooking, then cook. If it's taking pictures of people and nature, do it. If it's stretching, then stretch! If it's running, then run and relax. Is it pretending to be able to dance? Then dance! If it's singing praise songs slightly obnoxiously, then go for it. If it's eating, then rejoice in your food!

Do you see that it's almost a bad thing that we don't do what makes us feel alive and closer to Him? Just because of our opinions or others opinions regarding it?

I know these things that our hearts long to do often feel too indulgent to even be on our "to-do" lists.
Does this thought seem familiar?
 "I am wasting my time, I have too many other things to do...." or " I don't have time for this now, it's all too fun to be good anyway....".

We live in a world of multitasking, and our relationship with God cannot be one of those things that we only give a half-focus to.
He deserves more than that, and you know it.

You're only on earth for a little while. Anytime spent getting to know your God (and be known by Him) who reigns in you is not time wasted, however trivial, silly or unneeded you may deem the activity.

I know God rejoices in it.

Time spent with Him is never wasted.

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