Serious Requests

With all of the exciting new things I've learned about prayer, the list of prayer requests of mine and those around me just seem to be getting longer, the requests heavier. Deeper. More serious.

Part of me just wants to feel the weight of those requests and situations to feel like I have some control of the situation. The other part of me is reminded of Hebrews 13:8,
"Jesus Christ it the same yesterday, today and forever."

Our God is a Sovereign God, and that's so much more than we can ever understand.
It's time for me to let go of the outcome.
I've got to stop playing God, and let Him take what is His, because sometimes all that I can do is pray.

I am so convicted in the fact that I'm learning the only place I belong is on my knees. It's as simple as that.



  1. I've been thinking a lot about what you were saying about prayer. It's best if we just stop where we are and pray. So many times I tell people I'll pray for them and I never get around to it. It's better just to pray where we are. Also, if I pray right then, I have a better chance of remembering to pray for them again later. And it's so good to know He never changes.

  2. I agree. Sometimes we just need to stop and pray where we are. And it is so good to know.