Seek and Sink

“Drop the hands and let the knees be weak.
Loosen the grip and let the arms open wide.
Bow that head and let the eyes close tight.
We cannot do this life.....
We cannot make this art.
Not alone.
Not on our own.
Not without sinking first.”
A Million Little Pieces
Emily P. Freeman
As humans we have such a tendency to get distracted and sink into our own things, into us.
Distractions, distractions, distractions. 
Us, us, us.
Me, me, me.
This is our problem. 
To fix it? Seek. Seek the Lord. His heart, His will and who He is because He is enough.
And the real healing? The only true healing, comes when we sink. Sink into everything we know our God is.
Seek His heart.
Who He is,
because He's enough.

Just sink.

Being able to know Him, and let Him consume us.......

This is how we die to ourselves.

This is how we heal, love and grow.




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