After Princeton

I go to Princeton,
then I come back to school.

This is something that hit me the day I got back to campus. This is going to be a lot harder than just coming back from a normal spring break, I thought to myself. The question I keep asking myself is why am I here when I could be somewhere else? Doing something else?
Princeton made me realize that there is just so much more to serving than just having a career, than just finishing school and getting a job. This is all coming to light because God is showing me that He may have me do something different than what I had originally thought....
It's funny how writing posts for my blog challenges me to take the next step--the harder one, past the ''happy ending''.....and some days I feel like I am taking so many steps I might fall right off the edge of a cliff, no joke. Coming back reminds me of the struggle that I live in--loving my Savior with all of me is my passion and priority, no matter what kinds of things try to squash it. I just know for sure that I want to serve God with my whole life, and that's that.

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