Looking Backwards

It was such a long time ago that I embarked on this journey that would change my life so radically. It only takes one disaster to turn your world upside down. This is what God did to my world (and as He was holding my world upside down, part of me is convinced that He shook it a little....). Looking back now, I never would have expected all of this to even happen. It’s gone beyond my wildest dreams—even the ones that I don’t even dare to imagine.

I discovered that my God, whom I’ve been following for most of my life, loves me more than I ever, and that He’s bigger than anything else. I don’t even care about anything else when I’m standing, kneeling, resting in His light.

The thing is, no matter how horrible, sweet or painful the moments that bring about change are, the most important fact is that you fall in love with Jesus, even as he allows these trials in your life.

This video reminds me of how much I have been healed, even if it often seems like there is a long way to go.

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