Stepping Back...Once Again

How many times in life do I have to step back and reevaluate what the heck is going on? Well, it would help if I did it more than I do.

These past three weeks have come at me faster than a bullet out of a gun--it only takes putting one foot in the current before you are all of a sudden in way over your head. Going at that speed without natural speed bumps in place, well, lets just say you don't end up where you need to.

That was just a lot of metaphors at once. Sorry.

Now though I am beginning to see exactly what trips me up, why I get the way I do as well as why I am where I am. A lot of it has to do with connecting with God. Am I doing that? Am I doing that intentionally? Why is pausing so important? I say to myself, "Don't you understand--the stress, worry and even the lack of sleep all come from missing, passing, going on without the One Who is Bigger Than You!

It sometimes takes stepping back. It sometimes takes leaving. It sometimes takes loosing. Specificlly, loosing your right mind

to realize who we are,
what we are doing,
and where we belong...

and that our story is bigger than us. All the time.

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  1. It's good to pause. and you do use a lot of metaphors, but that's ok.