When God Has Better Timing

God has better timing than me. 
That guys, is a fact. 
And you know what? 
That's okay. 
Actually, it's wayyy better than okay. 
Because God knows me, He knows when to give me things and when to take them away.
Granted, often we over spiritualism almost everything, but sometimes I just know that God
  intentionally brings good out of what can be considered bad. 
A lot of this I feel is His concern for my lack of focus--specifically my lack of focus on Him.
Even if my focus is on something good.
He's making known to me so much of my sin and so much of my idolatry. 
My lack of trust is revealed, and trust is something I need. 
I'm learning that there is a deeper part of trust--the kind that penetrates all parts of you, your insides and your outsides.
These revelations happen when yet again you are reminded that your role is apart of something bigger, 

and for The One Who Is Great. 

Deuteronomy 6:5
Proverbs 3:5-8 
Psalm 55:22
Romans 8:28
Isaiah 26:3

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  1. This is good stuff. and I like the pictures, too.