He's Worth It...Now

When faced with a problem, lots of thinking usually does the trick for me. If I just keep exploring the problem enough, I'll come to a conclusion that will make everything make sense and fall into place. 

With some problems, however, I keep circling back to the same thing. I keep asking myself "Why is this so hard?" and "Why can I not actually feel the hope that I know is there?" 
When you're sitting there, facing a new problem, a challenge or a change, please learn to remember something that I so often forget. Remember who God is. I sometimes forget why He sent my Savior, that He knows me best, and the simple fact of how big He is.

I forget to put my problems and trials in the context of the gospel.

When you forget this, you begin to buy into the lies and masks of the world. Masks just cover, hide and lie. When you start to really listen to people telling you how to feel, trying to help but saying untrue things or half-truths....this makes honesty with ourselves, others, or the Lord a lot harder. 

So I don't know about you, but often I feel like my life is a quest to break the mold and uncover the truth. The truth about how I feel and what God has to say about it, what He really thinks of His beautiful creation named Rachel, and simply to remember the gospel at all times and the promises our infinite God has made me. 

This all starts with learning to constantly work towards having a better, deeper understanding of this thing called Grace. Currently I am learning what it means when the Lord says that He Himself and His grace covers me.

The Lord in all His might comes in and covers me. He fills in the holes, closes the gaps, seals the cracks and heals the wounds...when you really, truly let Him in there is no room for anyone or anything else to take up residence in your heart, because the Lord covers completely. Do you even understand or see what completely even means? I don't. But I think I'm finally starting to. 

Because of this Grace upon Grace, I've begun to see that He's worth it now
Our comfort is that He always will be worth it--so worth it--and always He has been, but especially, especially, now.

Sometimes our problems are those that threaten to overwhelm you or swallow you whole, just like Jonah's did. But I think the one thing that we miss is how, if we let it, our Adonai's grace is even more consuming. 

"From his fullness we have all received grace upon grace."
John 1:16 

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