The Grace and Beauty of Not Being Okay

Recently I been figuring out what it means to really admit to myself that I'm not okay.
Because you know, sometimes I'm not.

There are things in this life that trip us up, that catch us off guard....that take our breath away. They hurt.

Some days, you think you're fine dealing with them. You've cried, mourned and moved on with life.

Then, it hits you all out of the blue. And you realize that you're really for sure not okay.

The interesting thing is that although you may not be okay, you can still be whole. It's like you got hurt in one place, the hardest and most painful place to get hurt, but can't get hurt there again. Just everywhere else. But no matter how you get torn up by the troubles and worries of this world, your heart will still be whole, protected. This is apart of the gift of grace...you're biggest problem is taken care of.

Your next step is to giving yourself over, surrendering like you never have before. It's scary because you are beginning to see less of yourself when you look in the mirror. Isn't that crazy?

All these images and pieces of your present swirling around.

Who's reflection are you going to eventually see?


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  1. I guess it's ok not to be ok all the time, ya know? but it's best to tell someone. life isn't going to be perfect all the time, but we have Him to hold onto.