Often, when I sit down to write, I have something to say, point out, or at the very least tell you what I've learned. However, this post is one that does that, but also is probably me thinking out loud.

But now I'm not sure what to say or where to start. So I'll start with last week. Last week was not a good week in my life because sometimes it's all just too much. Going to a mentor of mine was probably my best move--she did not give me advice, instructions or a list. She simply spoke truth into my life. Asking me questions--challenging me--"How is God wanting you to see the gospel more clearly in this situation?" (WHO knew that you could even ask that question? Sure we all know that the gospel relates to everything in our lives, but seeing it more clearly in specific situations? Life just got more real!) and "How is He re-forming your identity?". Questions like these are big, and answering them honestly can shake up more things in your life more than what is already happening.

Therefore, what to do with all of this? When truth is absolutely clashing with your previous beliefs?

The truth is, I can't actually tell you. This is something that you have to figure out for yourself.

Processing change takes time and cannot be rushed.

So step back, pray, take a deep breath and start to work through it.

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  1. Your mentor asks good questions. :) thanks for sharing!