Learning Late...ly

So here's a list of things I've learned lately:

1) You don't have to be outside of your comfort zone all of the time.
Too many times we here "I have to be uncomfortable for things to happen" when really what we are saying is "I'm not doing enough". Lies and more lies. Yes, you do have to step outside of your comfort zone--a lot. But because the Lord knows what you need (often verses what is expected of you) more than you do yourself, you have to accept that, and what He's really calling you to do [or not do].

2) Preparation often hurts.
The Lord, being the one with the perfect timing, may start this process in you way before you even know what is going on. 

3) Productivity doesn't always refer to or depend on one thing.
Not just school work. Not just people. Not just trivial things. One of my text books described Type A personalities (something I suffer from, chronically) as those who are on a continuous race to do so much more in less time. I have to take a breath and realize that it can't all get done in one day.
4) Hebrew is a little bit more complicated than I previously though.

5) Real listening takes faith. The More Epic Truth About Listening

6) I don't have to like black coffee.
 Or even try to. I thought that was a goal that I had to work towards, because if you can drink black, often you can drink everything and anything. But it's hard, because it's gross, even working up to it. So one of my friends told me that I never had to like black coffee ever. Blew my mind.

7) God doesn't work in the ways that you think He does.
I know people say this, but I'm starting to realize He is more creative and direct and better than I though. And bigger, too.

8) Ministry is need based.
You do what is needed.
People ask me and wonder why I don't do things that have been done in the past regarding the prayer ministry at the bcm, and I really just want to ask them if they really know what they're asking.
9) Friendships can run deep.
Real deep. Like, being able to tell when someone is tired or sad or mad or doesn't want to talk or all of the above. And friendship is also not asking about something's, because you know they will either tell in their own time or it doesn't even need to be said.

10)  I'm still learning. And have a lot more to learn than I think.

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  1. You don't have to like black coffee. it's okay. really. and I needed to hear #3.