What REAL Community Is

There is a lot of talk now days about Community, which can be defined as
"...a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals...."

From what I've seen, people tend to over-glorify this community, even the community of believers. We all do this together, do that together, we're all building community......

What I'm learning though, is what REAL community is. Real community is meeting together for the sake of one person even when your tired. It's accepting the person who comes over for a long period of time without an invitation. It's driving someone home even though you just want to be home. It's picking up (or pinning down) that kid who is crying for the fifth time that night. It's paying for someone who didn't bring their money. It's coming home and living with people even though it may drive you nuts.

Real community is difficult. 
It's a lot harder than I originally thought, and much harder than I was told.

How am I supposed to stick through this?


Then I'm reminded of the need, the what happens
when it begins to feel like the world is caving in. The surrounding of friends and comfort and peace because you are simply together.


Often this atmosphere is there but you are too wrapped up in your own issues or you are just really frustrated and tired (kinda like I am right now, haha) and you simply wonder what real community is supposed to look like in the midst of different situations.

Is your membership in the communities you are in worth it?

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