Catch It and Let It Go

 Sometimes I look at the days, the ones of the recent past, the future days of this week, and wonder how I am going to do it. How can I make it? How much longer can I keep going like this? Where is my breath, because I certainly can't catch it.
But then, you're not really supposed to, are you? It's all about having joy in the moment. The joy that comes from Jesus, others, then you (J.O.Y., if you didn't catch that...). Joy about serving, joy about salvation, joy about the life you live. This is what I'm being challenged to live.

About this, as I've said before, God is changing my attitude...He's making it look more like His. This is a hard process, but I'm beginning to feel what it feels like to come alive when you're dying. As much as it hurts, every step of my fleshly death brings me closer to the Lord who loves me.

Hallelujah we have a King of Kings.


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