Why am I all of a sudden more excited about my Honduras trip than I have been about anything since forever?

You wanna know?

You really wanna know?

Because I know God is just going to show up--BIG.

Really, really BIG!

He may do this with thunder and lightning, a whisper that is really soft or anything in-between, but either way it's God, so it's BIG.

Somebody asked me the other day if I would have ever thought that I would be going out of the country this summer for a mission trip. I told them that this summer has more to do with God's timing then ever before. I have undergone so much spiritual growth lately that I now know and personally understand (not to mention embrace!) that He knows what I need. I am ready to be all in and take a cliff-jumping leap of faith because I've seen the results of coming out of the refining fire. It's a catalyst for a faith that resembles a climbing, growing and changing fire.

Anyway, going all in is the only way to do it with Jesus--there is no in-between.

 Even though it's going to be really hot ( I seriously hate the heat) and really challenging, I just want to show others the joy I have in Jesus, because nothing compares--everything else is a loss compared to Him (Phil. 4:7-15)

I can't wait to learn more and live that out.

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