Wanna here a true statement?
God is sovereign.
So, so unbelievably sovereign.
This lesson was taught to me once again yesterday. It was one of those days when you wake up and know that the day is going to be harder than the rest. I felt like my mind was splattered all over the walls with all the was happening and all that I had to do.
Sometimes, it's just too much for you to handle. So, knowing that God would and would love to answer this prayer, I asked Him to sustain me (this is another thing God has become to me on  personal note--my Sustainer, the one person in my life who keeps me going). But the thing about this prayer is that I am learning to expect an answer. So many times we pray and end the whole thing with a period, instead of dot, dot dot....
And that's not what prayer really is. Prayer is something that brings forth action and results. So when I prayed, telling God I needed to be sustained, what did God do? He delivered.
The one thing that I was dreading turned good, and I made it through the day.
Even though the kid you are babysitting may drive you nuts after awhile, the little sigh she gives after collapsing on the bed after a pillow fight is something that God uses just to remind me of the gift of life, and all of the good things that are apart of it all, Him being worth all of me and my best.
All in all, it is SO easy for Him to just remind me of how good He is! I just don't understand how I forget when our God is THIS BIG!!!!!
Why do I still continue to focus elsewhere?
He even showed up yesterday in a nightlight. Even though it was a normal light bulb, the light shined through in the shape of a cross. I just got to sit and be reminded of the peace that I continually have in Him. 
Why do I continue to forget?
Please, go about the rest of your day remembering and praying through it all.

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