What's Next

What's next is always an interesting question. You know where you've been, and [debatably] your present, but no one ever has a concrete idea of what's next.

What I am starting to recognize as very important is not loosing sight of the bigger picture. I know people say this a lot, but when you focus on the consistent things (in my life-case, God being the only one thing that fits in that category), the common threads, that's when you can start to see what's actually happening.

Someone once told me that if you want to know what God is preparing you for, then look at what He has been doing in your life recently. This comment made many things in my life make sense, and reminded me that there really was a purpose for certain events. He's been teaching me trust, dependence, the importance and reason for self-discipline, and of course, not to lose sight of the bigger picture-Himself!

Now, I don't use these things to speculate, worry and plan, but to prepare myself, and dig deeper into Him while I still feel slightly sane. To learn how to rest in His presence in all circumstances is something to be valued and useful too. A lot of this is figuring out how you are going to stay daily-attached to Him, and how you are going to love Him more.

The important thing though, is that you are continually striving to become more of that person God made you to be, because we all know that we each are made differently, with different spheres of influence to reach those people for Christ, the reason we are where we don't belong.


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