Life In Lynch

Have you noticed that many of my posts start out with a mug and my Bible? Common thread...

Lately, as in this week in Lynch Kentucky on a mini mission trip with my church in BG (the area ministry reaches through community outreach, long term projects and a horse camp.....), God has just broken my heart with His terribly unending love....the kind that moves and transforms even if life as you knew it is on pause for some reason.
He's still working in, He's still moving around, He's stilling caring about me.

It's funny that He doesn't even use words to communicate  this to me. None at all. He's used people, thoughts, the natural world, the sounds of children and those of silence to reshape my damaged heart. One that had some trouble dealing with some tough news that I received the other day.

I asked Him to show me what is to have Him as the strength of my heart (Psalms 73:23-26) and He's shown me that being close with Him is the most important thing, taking that time to really try to connect with Him. It's also allowing Him to refresh you with the presence of other believers, friends...without trying to be someone you're not, or even feeling like you have to be the overtly-people person that you usually identify with.

                                                                       So much of this is Him teaching me just to simply BE.

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  1. Awwee looks like fun! I miss ya and I'll see you soon though:)