Parts of My March

So, I know it's now April, but this post is about the happenings of March:

1) Stress 
I've learned that it takes a lot of stress over a short period of time to help make me unstressed--as in me realizing that right in the middle of the stress that it is fine--it's not really the end of the world like I usually find myself believing.

2) Racial Reconciliation 
Racial Reconciliation is a real issue. It's a product of the gospel, which is all-inclusive. This reconciliation among believers and the church has to be intentional.

3) Lies 
I used to believe a lot of lies about myself, expectations, how much I need to do and how I am supposed to react to things that happen. Now, those are coming to light--not only the fact of them, but the simple fact that they are lies.

4) The Ten Commandments
Lying, stealing and coveting are things that we think we don't really do, we just see. But in fact, that is a false premonition if I ever heard one. You can lie and steal and covet time, joy and words.

5) Sometimes Less is More.
Wouldn't you say?

6) Church
I went to my first members meeting at Christ Fellowship Church in BG. Now a member, all on my own, I went to my first meeting and was reminded of the importance of commitment, support and furthering the gospel in our community. 

7) Life is great when you don't have to depend on coffee.
For real, try it.

8) She Reads Truth 
This is my new favorite website. Click here to go to the sight and check it out! It's a group of women who simply love reading the Word. Plus, the website is one of the prettiest thing's I think I've ever seen. Super appealing to those visual-oriented people such as myself.

9) God's Character
The root of the problem that you may be experiencing is often a flawed view of God's character. It's not enough to say that God is sometimes faithful, or mostly faithful, He is always faithful. 

10) Summer and Spring
I forgot how much I love them both!

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